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Protekork Corkpaint offers new possibilities in facade shaping, as well as in the Wellness sector, Boat building, Pre-fabricated Homes, Acoustics, Industrial coating and as Decoration in the interior for a special ambiance.

The Protekork Corkpaint can by different kinds of application form different kinds of surfaces (more liquid or solid)
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About Cork

The natural function of cork consists in protecting the trees from extreme weather conditions, such as high dryness, high temperature and fire


Cork is made of Suberin and Cerina, substances that make it fireproof, very flexible and practicaly unrottable. It is a element with unique properties and totally natural, regrowing and biodegradable.

Its production doesn`t cause any kind of polution


Its most important properties are low density, waterproof and elasticity. All this contributes to a higher insulation level.

As a construction product it is outstandingly suitable for Acoustic (mutes the sound waves) and Thermal Insulation. After a certain treatment it is flame retardant and it doesn`t release toxic vapors when burned.


Protekork retains its properties and is thus a ideal construction element.


Protekork is the result of more then 9 years of work.

-This special developt product for construction and industry, alone offers you properties, that you just would get by combining several other products 

-A product, that can carry over the properties of the Cork on almost any surface, a material, that is almost unmeltable and that doesn´t dissolve in water, alcohol, chloroform or acid.

-It has also water repelent, sound insulating and protective properties. It is elastic, flexible and has a low thermal conductance (0,039)

-The once applied and dried final product keeps all natural properties of the cork, that are improved by added components. This additional components give a high adhesion on almost any kind of surface.

-Protekork enables the use of the properties of natural cork in different areas like construction, industry, navigation, auto motive engineering, aeronautics, ...

It can be applied on any surface, porous or even surfaces, inside and outside, on metal, ceramic, glas, wood, asbestos-cement, even or ondulated, on other dry building mixtures. 

It can also be covered with plaster, gypsum, all kinds of coatings and tiles, wood, paint or as finish in the present variants, colours and grain sizes.


-Interior coatings, heat and sound proofing, decotation, renovation of moisture stains, condensation prevention, sealing and adhesion of materials.

Natural Cork Paint


-Interior and exterior facade covering (heat and sound proofing)


-Waterproof and weather resistant

-High stability of colour


-For sealings of all kinds, 100% waterproof, high weather resistance withou Primers or fortification nets.

-High durability of colour


It is specially suitable for :

-Thermal Insulation

-Sound Insulation

-Interior Insulation

-Facade Covering

-Base for all kinds of coverings ( Plaster, Wood, Paint, Tiles )


As well as for:

-Mold prevention in interiors

-Acoustic and Thermal Insulation of Stairwells

-Prevention of Condensation in damp areas

-Removal of Moisture stains

-Sealing of Materials

-Vibration prevention, for example : Galvanized sheet metal

-Application in the Boatbuilding area

-Coating of Aluminum,for example : Boatbuilding



Corkpaint Facades

-Protects specially from heat, since even the strongest sun radiation can´t heat up the temperature of the cork over 40º celsius

-Protects from cold (K 0,039) because it surrounds the entire house like a wet suit, it prevents the penetration of humidity and with its condensation preventing properties it minimizes the normal occuring condensation coldness.

-Keeps the masonry dry, so it keeps its initial insulation value.

-Has as a secondary effect always sound absorbing properties and reduces the Eco draft.

-Minimizes the condensation and thereby deprives the lifebase of mushrooms and algaes.

-Doesn´t release toxic gases in case of fire.

-It is extremly resistant against UV irradiation and can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner (50cm distance) doesn´t contain Biocidals, it can therefore be used in sensible areas ( Kindergardens, Schools).

-Its open for diffusion.

-Specially suitable for Insulationof Historical Buildings, for example : Old City Facades, the Face of the Facade is almost not influenced by the 5mm thick coating. But also already Insulated facades that show cracks can be long term renovated with this flexible coating.

-Is applicated in layers of 1,5mm.


Many houses have sufficient thick walls so that a cork coating is a Ecologic and Economic good solution.


-Can insulated without cavities or warmth bridges and prevent mold formation.

-Is specially suitable for moist rooms, also on ceilings, since by the condensation avoidance no dripping occurs.

Is a good alternative to tiles in Wellness areas, indoor swimming pools and saunas.

-Can also be applicated on round shaped surfaces and enables new designs.

-Promotes a more intimate atmosphere by minimizing the eco drift (for example : In masage areas).

-It is also suitable for acoustic improvement (for example : In Concert Halls, Cinemas, Hi-Fi rooms or Halls of any kind.

-In the waterproof variant it is a long-term alternative for moist rooms in the Industrial area.

-It is also highly suitable for thermic and acoustic insulation of stairwells.


-It is capable to enclose wood on long-term and thereby makes temporary painting  unnecessary.

-Can be used as a filler to fill up cracks in wood or between battens.

-Can seal on long-term wood panels making them weather resistant.

-Gives simple OSB wood constructions a extraordenary design.


-Can be used as Corrosion protection for thermic and acoustic insulation as well as for vibration prevention. Its condensation preventing properties make it useful for sheet metal coating (for example : In Wagon Construction or Habitable Containers) But also Ventilation shafts, gutters or drop pipes can be covered.

-Insulates and minimizes impact noises on corrugated iron (zinc) and insulates Shiphulls (aluminum, steel).


-Is highly suitable for coating bathing platforms.

-Is not slippery when wet.

-Can be sprayed on roofs and  on sloping surfaces.

-Can reduce up to 40% of walking noises (impact sound).

-Is produced in all colours.

-Is produced individually for every custumer.

-Is solvent free.

-Is Silicone free.

-Is acid resistant and against many other chemicals.

-Is up to 90% made of regrowing resource.

-Can be overpainted.

-Can become fire resisstant by adding other substances

-Is a heat resistant coating that doesn´t relise bad smell.


The Spanish Producer is certified by the AENOR and places special emphasis on environment friendly products.


Specially developed coating for heat and sound insulation, decoration, fissure sealing and removal of condensation. It is flexible, elastic and shows a high adhesion on concrete, tiles and galvanized metal. Consisting of Cork particles and water based synthetic resins. Practically free from organic solvents. For further information see technical data sheet.


Specified Information for use : Mix paste before use. The application area must be clean, dry and free of mold and chippings. Storage and application between 5ºC and 35ºC. Do not apply if rain is expected in the next hours. Do not wash the walls in the next 21 days. Wash tools immediatly after use with water. Close containers tightly after use. Store containers protected from weather elements.


Economicalness - 2-3Kg/m2. Dry to touch after 2 hours. Totally dry after 24 hours at 20ºC.


Dilution - 0-5% Water


Special risks and safety instructions : R22 - Harmful if Swallowed

                                                            S2 -Keep out of reach from children

                                                            S29 -Not allowed to be dumped in canalization

                                                            S51 -Use only in wellventilated areas. Use mask


Produced by Muroquimicas, s.l. 41805 - Seville (Spain)

Tel. (+34) 955 70 99 69

Fax (+34) 955 70 99 68

E-mail : muro@muroquimicas.com



Protekork consists of about 90% high quality cork, thus, after processing all properties of natural cork are preserved. Thes properties are difficult to archive with other industrial products, much less a single product can offer you this effectiveness in each of its application areas.

In the production high quality water-based acrylic resins are use, which extend and improve all the nature given properties of cork.

Cork is the bark that protects the cork oak (Quercus suber) against extreme conditions of the mediterranean climate and is composed of dead cells that are filled with air-like gas (Natural Air Chambers). The temperature of the cork (0,032ºC Kcal/h) varies depending on the outdoor temperature (more than 30% deviation). Cork shows a certain warmth despite extreme temperatures below 0ºC and doesn´t increase above 40ºC at high temperatures.

Protekork preserves this peculiarity of cork; ensures warm temperatures in a cold and wet environment and significantly reduces the effect of high temperatures on surfaces. This behavior does not only affect the thermal, but also avoids and removes moisture stains caused by condensation, fixes thermal bridges and allows some natural transpiration in case of capillary moisture.

The cork has a high elasticity, thereby it is absorbing and damping, this properties make Protekork a optimal acoustic insulant.

In the insulation of noise by broadcast as an intermediate material, in addition to other insulating materials or as a finish coating on walls and ceilings of music rooms, theaters,... and in other places where reverb and echo are strong.

In the insulation of impact noise; industrial roofs or even floors, it reduces noise up to 40%

Protekork has excellent tensile behavior and is also non-skid. Its extensibility makes it possible to prevent cracks in walls.

This material is rot resistant and highly resistant to insect infestation and has a very long lifetime. It is weather resistant, highly resistant to sunlight, chemicals and acids.

The cork cells are impermeable, which increases its insulating power. Since it is a material that is impervious to moisture, its conductivity remains intact.Protekork is also a resilient seal that can be applied to almost any surface, while maintaining its full insulating capacity. All this, combined with its high adhesion and tightness that prevents the escape of asbestos fibers in asbestos cement roofs, a solution that other products have not been able to provide.

The cork is not easily flammable. After a fire the cork oaks recover, whose bark is still intact, despite having lost all their leaves. Protekork is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and has good fire behavior, even self-extinguishing properties. During the manufacturing process, additives can be added to increase its resistance to fire.

All properties and characteristics of Protekork are certified by approved laboratories, in addition Protekork has shown excellent results in a variety of applications in different areas during the last years.


Nozzle diameter                                         : 8mm

Pressure                                                     : approx. 2,2 - 4 bar

Distance                                                      : approx. 50cm

Application                                                   : 2 times, 2-3mm


Rough plaster can be filled with cork paint and primed smooth.

When spraying on facades a light wing may blow maximun.

All equipment can be cleaned with water and a stainless steel sponge.

Always work with a mask.


Type                                                  Economicalness                                             Thickness

Fine Grain size                                   1Kg/m2                                                          1-1,5mm

                                                            2Kg/m2                                                          2-3mm

Middle Grain size                                1Kg/m2                                                          1,5-2mm

                                                           2Kg/m2                                                           3-4mm

Big Grain size                                     1-1,5Kg/m2                                                     2-2,5mm

                                                            2-3Kg/m2                                                       4-5mm


Basically consists of acrylic resins and natural cork of different grain sizes. This compact paste must be diluted with water (5%) and stirred in buckets of 8Kg.

Its colour in dry state is that of natural cork, specially recommended for inner use or where it is covered later with other materials, like paint, wood, tiles or grout.

This variant has high insulating properties, both thermal and acoustic, and excellent adhesion to any surface. It has the ability to prevent condensation and moisture stains of all kinds. It is very durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic, without solvents or silicones.


-Thermal insulation.

-Acoustic insulation, prevents the transmission of impact noises and vibrations.

-Protectionfrom moisture and condensation-

-Coating for inside walls and masonry-

-Base for headstones, tilings or parquet.

-Elastic coating to prevent cracks or gaps.

-Sealings of all kinds of materials and between different materials.

-Glue for various materials.


Dry to Touch                                           : 2-4hours at 20ºC

Totally Dry                                               :18-20hours on porous surfaces,

                                                                  up to 60hours on even surfaces, 2-3mm at 20ºC

Application Temperature                         : 5ºC - 50ºC

Economicalness (Performance)             : 2Kg/m2

Traction, Grip and Tear Strenght            : 200 - 220 N /5cm

Stretching                                               : 33-36%

Adhesion                                                : 9,36 - 9,72 Kp/cm2

Acoustic Transmission, Insulation          : 6db

Fire Behavior                                          : M-3

Conductivity Coefficient                          : 0,039 Kcal h ºC


Composed of high quality natural cork and acrylic resins, that amplify all the properties of the product further. This compact paste must be diluted with water (5%) and stirred in buckets of 8Kg.

Suitable for all types of sealings of walls and facades as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. As a finish coating Protekork shows a great decorative effect because tinted resins are added during the manufacturing process.

It is very durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic, without solvents or silicones.


-The sealing of inside and outside walls.

-Thermal insulation on facades.

-Acoustic insulation, prevents the transmission of impact noises and vibrations.

-Elastic sealing to prevent cracks or gaps.

-Protection from moisture and condensation

-Sealing of all kinds of materials and between different materials.

-Glue for various materials.

-Base for headstones, tilings or parquet.

-Protection for metal surfaces.


Dry to Touch                                          : 2-4hours at 20ºC

Totally Dry                                              :18-20hours on porous surfaces,

                                                                 up to 60hours on even surfaces, 2-3mm at 20ºC

Application Temperature                         : 5ºC - 50ºC

Economicalness (Performance)             : 2Kg/m2

Traction, Grip and Tear Strenght            : 200 - 220 N /5cm

Stretching                                               : 33-36%

Adhesion                                                 : 9,36 - 9,72 Kp/cm2

Dynamic Porosity                                    : Without Capillary Activity

Fire Behavior                                           : M-3

Conductivity Coefficient                           : 0,039 Kcal h ºC


Consists of natural cork in different grain sizes and with different acrylic resins. It is an elastic and resistant sealing that keeps all the insulating properties of natural cork. This compact paste must be diluted with water (5%) and stirred in buckets of 8Kg.

Protekork Waterproof can be used for all types of roof sealings and facades, both even or corrugated. It adheres well to most surfaces, metal, asbestos cement, concrete, mortar or other coatings that are still well solidified. Suitable foe the repair of bituminous surfaces, swimming pool edges. The fine grain size is best.

In the manufacturing process tinted resins are added.

It is very durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic, without solvents or silicones.


Dry to Touch                                          : 2-4hours at 20ºC

Totally Dry                                              : 18-20hours on porous surfaces,

                                                                  up to 60hours on even surfaces 2-3mm at 20ºC

Application Temperature                         : 5ºC -50ºC

Economicalness (Performance)             : 2-3Kg/m2

Traction, Grip, Tear Strenght                   : 180 - 200 N /5cm

Stretching                                                : 59-67%

Adhesion                                                 : 11,22 -12,05 Kp/cm2

Dynamic Porosity                                    : Without Capillary Activity

Fire Behavior                                           : M-1 , M-3


User Information

All information about the processing of corkpaint

The preliminary work must be carried out throughly and may in some cases take longer  than the spraying himself.

Dirty walls, loose paint or crumbling plaster must be cleaned, a pressure washer can be used. Cracks or holes can be filled with flexible tile adhesive or other suitable fillers. For normal strong plaster no special surface treatment is necessary.

Windows, doors and other parts that are not to be coated must be taped, cover the ground 1m from the wall.

Can not be sprayed during strong winds. During light winds, make sure that the small paint particles don´t land on cars or neighbour houses.(Cover the scaffold with tarpaulins)

Stir the paint well with a whisk and dilute it with about 200ml of water. The colour is different to dilute. The 8Kg buckets must only be thinned with a total of 400ml (5%). If too much water is added, the cork will separate from the binder and begins to float.

The mixture is good when the paint slides easily into the hopper. The hopper should not be filled completely because the corkpaint under pressure tends to clog, over many hours or days it is also easier for the wrist to hold a half-ful hopper.

The hopper gun can be ordered at Westfalia-Werkzeug and costs about 64.99 euros  (Multipurpose Spraying Gun SKU 819129 westfalia) For spraying the corkpaint 8mm nozzleis the best choice. The working pressure should be between 2.5 and 3.5bar, if the pressure is to high, to many cork particles fall from the wall, with a to low pressure the cork is not sprayed properly and comes out more spilled.

Horizontal paragraphs on facades should be covered, otherwise falling and almost dry crumbs willcreate a layer what will prevent a good contact with the base during later applications.

Inner corners (90º) are best sprayed in a shorter distance in a 45º angle, to asure a complete coating.

The normal spraying distance should be 50 to 60cm.

Upon further coatings at an inside corner, it is better to spray only one side of the wall, while the other, for example, is covered with a sheet metal strip because cork particles jump from the wall to the other side and thereby increase the job, but lose colour by the double impact. Is this still the case or you have a too thich layer, which then forms tears, you can compress it all with a trowel and overspray it one day later again.

Large cracks between wood panels or in wood itself can be filled with corkpaint to. 

Rough plaster can be leveled even and later be oversprayed.

Heat and sun radiation are no problem, in Germany you can say : -The warmer, the better.

Protekork corkpaint comes from the south of Spain.

Below 5ºC corkpaint should not be stored and not be processed in any way.

To better spray under ceilings, I put a 45º arc discharge pipe between the spraying gun and the hopper, so you can keep the spraying angle and the paint runs better into the hopper.

Sharp edges on wood panels or tiles should be removed, that makes the edges more resistant and it looks better.

Taped roof overhangs should be secured with tacks, as by the air pressure and the adhesion of the corkpaint the plastic sheet could fall down.

If you are working under time pressure, its cold and wet, then you can shorten the prolonged drying process by filling thicker paint into the hopper. The probability of clogging is much higher, but can fast be removed with a wooden stick.

In case of rain, of course, You can´t spray.

In the cold transitional periods the next day should be without rain. During summer temperatures the paint is suffeciently dry a few hours after processing.

These are all experiences that I have made, it may sound a little complicated, but its actually not that hard. Every skillfull craftsmen, he doesn´t even have to be a painter, can learn the spraying of corkpaint in a short time.

If the first attemps don´t look that good, do not mind, with the next spray layer everything disappears.

On plastics corkpaint doesn´t hold, but attention, plastics are very different and corkpaint doesn´t fall off so easily from no where.

A appropriate respirator must be worn, as tiny particles can make their way into the lungs and then cause headaches.

For processing corkpaint waterproof, gloves must be worn in any case, because it also holds incredibly good on the skin.

All equipment can be cleaned with water and a stainless steel sponge.

The Agitator and spraying gun should be submerged in water during breaks, because the paint dries quickly, specially in the summer.

In white and very bright colours, the natural colour of the cork might shine through and can have as a result a not entirely consistent colouring.

For all other questions contact us.

Multipurpose Spraying Gun.


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